Choose RV camping for a low-stress family vacation

 Did your last family vacation create memories of long airport lines, crowded hotel rooms, overpriced restaurants, and complaining children? When hearing the words "family vacation," do you instantly feel stressed? Family vacations should be a relaxing, natural bonding experience that provides your family with good memories. So how do you have a low-stress family vacation? Consider RV camping.

  • Stressor #1: Navigating Airports
    One of the most talked about stressors is the airport. As if the long lines, delays and luggage restrictions aren't enough, there's the hassle of getting the whole family through airport security. Avoid the airport all together by taking an RV. Whether motorized or towed, an RV allows your family to travel comfortably without the stress of flying.
  • Stressor #2: Coping with Crowded Hotel Rooms
    If you have kids, you know how quickly even a large hotel room can fill up. There is never enough space for luggage and you can't send the kids out to play in the hallway. With an RV, every family member has his/her own space for clothes, toys, games and other personal items. Plus there's usually plenty of room outside your RV, on the campsite for stir-crazy kids to play (not to mention the campground's park and playground areas).
  • Stressor #3: Staying on Budget
    Arguably the hardest part of a family vacation is keeping with your budget. Expenses like food and admission to attractions can add up fast, especially if you have a large family. RV family vacations are on average, 26 to 74 percent less expensive than travel by personal car, airline or cruise ship. The RV combines your transportation, lodging and restaurant all in one. The options vary, but RVs can come fully equipped with kitchens, bathrooms, central air and heat, queen-sized beds, entertainment systems and more. Even adding in the minimal cost of ownership, RV camping vacations are the most affordable.
  • Stressor #4: Keeping Kids Entertained
    A major worry when planning a family vacation is wondering if there will be enough activities to keep your kids interested. Today's campgrounds are more like all-inclusive resorts with amenities like heated pools, fitness centers, playgrounds, sport courts, bicycle/boat rentals, nature trails, fishing, game rooms, Wi-Fi, and activities for all ages. Many are located near popular tourist destinations and close to major highways. There's so much to see and do on a camping vacation, you won't hear the words "I'm bored!"
  • Stressor #5: Leaving the Family Pet Behind
    Going on vacation usually means boarding the cat/dog at a kennel or relying on someone to feed and care for your pets while you are away. With an RV camping vacation, you can easily bring the family dog or cat along with you. There's plenty of room for food, toys, pet beds, etc. Plus most campgrounds in Michigan are pet-friendly, and may even include pet-specific activities and events! Be sure to check the campground's rules regarding pets before booking your reservation, and use good etiquette.

Replace those family memories of airport delays, cramped hotel rooms and expensive restaurants with memories of scenic drives, amenity-filled campgrounds, campfire cookouts and outdoor adventures! Still not convinced that an RV camping vacation is right for you? Many retailers rent RVs, allowing families to try before they buy. In addition, a number of Michigan campgrounds offer cabin rentals.